Business round

Opportunities for meeting suppliers and potential clients in the retail sector, keen on establishing partnerships and generating business.

In order to gather and bring companies from various industry segments that will be exhibiting at Private Label 2017, with potential buyers (retailers, wholesalers and distributors), creating unique opportunities for developing new business.


Automotive | Beverages | Cosmetics | Pharmaceuticals | Cleaning | Building Materials | Nutraceutical | Pets |Clothing

Who attends?

Any exhibitor at Private Label 2017 interested in developing new customers or business with guest anchor companies.

The benefits for a company being participant at the Round Business Private Label 2017 project:

  • Ability to schedule more than 5 meetings with potential buyers (see Regulation) in one single day;
  • Chance to develop new customers, especially from large and medium-sized enterprises;
  • Networking & partnerships